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How to Protect Yourself from CryptoLocker

I posted this on our blog last week but since this community is very proactive about trying out new opportunities I thought people should be aware of CryptoLocker and the danger it could cause. I know it is not the normal type of post that goes here but you can never be too careful.

If you read only one article today read the one linked below…and then forward it to anybody you care about. This is one of the worst possible malwares you can get and if you get it at work it could affect everyone as it encrypts any shared drive’s files you have access to. Yes, network drives are all in play with this malware.
Here is the article from Ars Technica:
Here is the two paragraphs from the article I want to make sure you read carefully:
It started when an end user in the client’s accounting department received an e-mail purporting to come from Intuit. Yes, the attached archived zip file with an executable inside should have been a dead giveaway that this message was malicious and was in no way affiliated with Intuit. But accounting employees are used to receiving e-mails from financial companies. When the receiver clicked on it, he saw a white box flash briefly on his screen but didn’t notice anything else out of the ordinary. He then locked his computer and attended several meetings.
Within a few hours, the company’s IT department received word of a corrupt file stored on a network drive that was available to multiple employees, including the one who received the malicious e-mail. A quick investigation soon uncovered other corrupted files, most or all of which had been accessed by the accounting employee. By the time CryptoLocker had run its course, hundreds of gigabytes worth of company data was no longer available.
If you want to listen to security expert Steve Gibson explain what it does and why it is so nasty you can listen to Security Now 427 here:
How can you protect yourself from this?

UPDATE: Per jordanhansen13 in the comments here is a great thread covering CryptoLocker in /sysadmin:
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