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Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism Co-Founder, Legacy Bio-Naturals Mike Hearn rocked the Bitcoin world when he declared that the digital currency experiment had failed. Hearn, a software developer for Bitcoin, explained several reasons why this cryptocu The price of bitcoin touched new highs in 2020 and a number of supporters are optimistic that the crypto asset’s value will drive higher. In addition to this year’s bitcoin price high, around ... Mar 26, 2014 - The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said in a statement that bitcoins and other crypto-currencies are to be taxed as property – not as currency. The IRS said: “General tax principles Bitcoin value crashes below cost of production as broader use stutters. The value of Bitcoins, the "cryptocurrency" that some had thought would take over from more traditional currencies, has plummeted across exchanges – to a level where it costs more to "mine" them than they are worth. Though there's no obvious reason why, part of the problem seems to be precisely what economists remarked ... Real Liberty Media. Real News about Real Liberty. Home. Home Page; RLM Radio; Blog Posts. Behind The Woodshed; Freeker’s Ball; The Dork Table

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#54: Susanne Posel of Pt. 1 - Conspiracy Queries with Alan Park

Skip navigation Sign in. Search Part 1 of 2 Susanne Posel returns to Conspiracy Queries in her role as an endangered species - the now rare, investigative journalist. Yes, not every news purveyor out there is spewing corporate ... If you value the truth and the movement it's associated with, this will not be a pleasant show. Evidence has been unearthed suggesting that the most major, polished, well presented, widely ... Susanne Tartowski Tempelhof, founder of BitNation, tells how she aims to offer "better and cheaper" services than current nation-states, why she's switching ... PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND GIVE A THUMBS UP! If you're reading this at click "Original Article" for the video. Vinny's NUTShell: Susanne Posel ...